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Mob Rule!

Mob Rule!

Here we have a tawny owl being mobbed by a host of small birds. 

As a boy, I would follow the sound of chattering blackbirds and chaffinches, knowing they had tracked down a bird of prey and were hurling abuse at it. Usually a tawny owl and often up in the canopy of a holly tree, close to the trunk. The owl would take flight on my appearance and the baying mob would follow, thinking they had dislodged it!

I don't know if a jay would tweak an owls tail but I remember many years ago, my tame magpie did just this to the farm cats, she would scold them, then creep up behind them to nip their tails! 

  • Acrylic on panel

    Image size; 610mm x 1122mm

    Overall dimensions; 770mm x 1282mm.

    Gold frame with off-white slip.

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